Saturday, November 22, 2008

When you are looking for a soulmate...

I believe a lot many people look for soulmates (and I was one of them till last year) to complete them. I know now that the word should not be complete but share. We can only share our lives, we can't complete our partner's life for them. With completion come expectations, but with sharing there is only an endless exploration of each other...

and then there are so many possibilities.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sentenced to Life

Words don't form right.
the Paper
stays empty.
My hands,
will they never
cease their shaking?

Yet another scar
on an already wounded heart.

It's so deep.
But not one drop
of that red thing.

Some wounds bleed invisibly.

The liquids have dried up.
So much, that
my eyes
with the salt.

Don't ever let anyone
talk you into falling in love
with them.

Wish I could say,
But that ain't in my destiny, either.

The Universe says - Not NOW.
How much more fortunate can I get?