Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ananya's Book Of Potions - Recipe 72

Magical Potion No. 72

This is it how it all started. I was told by one of those darling little earmuffins that I've been given a whole month to become a potion witch. So I put the month to great use. I successfully wrote about 108 potions during that month. They are all tried and tested, so the authenticity is not under any doubt. Here's the 72nd recipe. No. 72 is of special importance in my life, as that was the year that I was born in. Besides 72 = 7+2 = 9 spiritual number :) ... even more important; ya'll will know why shortly.

The 72nd potion is called Purna Bramhananyanidra. This is a potion of great capabilties. It is a magic potion to drive away insomnia and give the soul Purna (whole) and Bramhananya (eternal and infinite) nidra (sleep). Please do not mistake this for the eternal infinity of death. This is just so as to give the insomniac calm, and dreamless sleep.

I thought of concocting this potion, so that I can help my insomniac friend. This thing works like (do I have to say it??) MAGIC. She'd give anything for a dreamless sleep.... if there is anyone who knows a way to get just that, without having to swallow a magic potion, please kindly contact me at the earliest.

Purna Bramhananya - Ingredients:
  • A big tablespoon of pure Ghee.
  • 30 gms of dropped eye lashes (one idea is to collect your own, when they drop that is, but keep a watch on friends and family too. cause dropped eyelashes are very rare and expensive to get.)
  • 1 test tube full of crocodile tears
  • 2 drops of rose water
  • 1 swan feather
  • 1 ltr natural water
  • a pinch of red saffron.
  • sprinkling of magic dust

Other necessary items and situations:

  • A crucible
  • Burner
  • 1 Knobby glass stirrer
  • Ananya's Spell Book
  • Sacral Music
  • Portable Music Player
  • An old Oak tree
  • A blazing hot sunny afternoon
  • A full moon night

Method of making the potion: This Potion needs to be concocted first at mid noon and then at mid night at two different places.

Take the 20 gms of dropped eyelashes, and soak them in the crocodile tears under the blazing afternoon sun out in the open. When the crocodile tears have all but evaporated, add the tbsp of Ghee, and transfer the mixture to the glass crucible. Keep the mixture in the crucible till midnight. Just before midnight find yourself an old oak tree at any crossroad (remember the setting of the place has to be exactly as mentioned). Under this tree, set your apparatus of the burner and the crucible. heat the mixture in the crucible over a slow fire of the burner. At exactly 13 minutes past mid-night, start the Sacral Music, on a portable music player and add the Swan feather to the mixture. Both the actions have to be performed simultaneously. If not done so... there is high probability of the potion going wrong. After exactly 3 minutes and 22 seconds, add the ltr of natural water and make the fire fast. Boil this concoction till the water evaporates to 1/4th its quantity.

Remove from fire... and let it cool down. After cooling, add two drops of Rose water and the pinch of Saffron. Embellish with a sprinkle of magic dust.

While drinking the potion, chant the mantra no. 42 from Chapter 6 of Ananya's Spell Book. Keep chanting till you drink the last drop.

Disclaimer: Any slight mistake in making the magic potion can result in horrendous results. Or so I am told.

... If you get it right, enjoy the fruits of your labour.


virender vyas said...

thats funny :)

Ananya said...

Thank you Virendar. It was supposed to be most serious. I am glad you found it so. :-P